A Commitment of 15 Days A Year to Change Your Life


An introduction to living a balanced life and the 80/20 mindset.

The beginning: for anyone wishing to focus their minds and their time on items that will advance them professionally and personally.

The upgraded course is the practice of the 80/20/365 principles. The system includes a year long planning, time management system and a 7 CD set to keep the daily application from the 3 day workshop at the forefront of your mind.

3-Day Workshop

For graduates of the 3 day workshop - this course offers a much more in depth application of the 8020365 principles and time management system. The course has an emphasis on techniques, systems, and practiced discipline. This course is excellent for leadership and team building.

5 Day Workshop

The advanced class, for graduates of the 3 & 5 day workshops ONLY; This workshop teaches the final understanding and application of living a balanced life, applying the tools needed to be your most successful self.

7-Day Workshop


Workshops are best utilized when you attend them with your team!



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