Wheel of Life

The Basics

Ever know someone who was so strong in one area but neglected other areas? That is not success. Ever know someone who focused so intently on their career that their marriage or family life suffered or maybe even got divorced? Ever meet someone who made a lot of money but lost their health in the process? There are six major areas of your life which must be kept in check otherwise – life is out of balance. We have all been there before. One of the fastest ways to get off purpose is to lose your balance. One must focus on all 6 of the major areas in your life to stay on track; Being, Brain, Body, Time, People and Money.


Your self worth, your connection with your creator and the world around you. Harmony, Discord, Spiritual relationships, and Self-esteem.

How do you feel about yourself? What do you need to change? What is your religious beliefs or spiritual connections? Do these need to be improved upon or strengthened?


Your mind, your mental acuity, reasoning skills and logic. Your education levels including both school and life experience.

Do you need training in any certain area? Are there new things that you would like to know, new skills to acquire?


Your health, fitness and dietary levels.

Can you improve? Loose weight/gain weight? Increase your fitness levels? Rehabilitate from injuries? Change your diet? What do you need to make the optimal you?


The 24 hours in a day or 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds that we are allotted to accomplish the tasks we have in front of us.

What do you waste your time doing? Are there non-essential tasks that you can leave off each day or do less frequently?


Our connections with others. Those who influence us and whom we influence through thoughts, actions, ideas and notions. Those whom we allow to be in our lives.

Who do you associate with? What influence do these people have on you, your thoughts and emotions? Are they positive productive people or energy taking negative people? Are you associating with the right people to complete your goals and succeed in life? Are they influencing you to live your life to the fullest potential?


Our financial well-being. Our incomes, investments and expenditures. Whether you have a lot or a little, What are you spending it on? What can you leave off each day/week/month? Do you have investments? A retirement plan? If you are paycheck to paycheck… what can you do to change or improve this situation?


The concepts and ideas behind changing the negatives in the questions above and turning them into positives. The logic behind finding your 20% things or activities that will make your days/lives more productive, efficient and happier.