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Generation Young Overview:

Live, in good health, for as long as possible! Yes, you can! Every day, our life expectancy increases by six hours, thanks to the advances of medical science and our improving lifestyle. Can we do better? Can we go as far as Jeanne Calment, the oldest person to have ever lived, who reached 122 years of age? Yes, it is possible! Today we are able to make a human cell immortal; what we do not yet know is how to do this for all of our cells, in all of our tissues, all of our organs, and for all of our functions. The author of this book draws us into the magical landscape of our 60 trillion intelligent cells. He shows us how aging gradually insinuates itself into our DNA. More importantly, he shares with us the incredible promises of stem cells, telomerase, biotechnology, nanomedicine, and, finally, the critical impact of a healthy lifestyle.

Schemes and Scams Overview:

Hard to believe … or is it?

Schemes and scams always have been part of the world’s societies. However, as you read about the various Ponzi schemes and rip-offs throughout history, you might find it hard to believe who has fallen for these cons—from Presidents to the average Joe to entire countries. As you read Schemes and Scams, you’ll be amazed by the creative lengths con artists will go to defraud individuals and people groups of their hard-earned finances, and you’ll often wonder, “What the crooks and the victims thinking?”

From B.C. through today, individuals have always looked for an easy way to profit from the naivety of others. And in the world at large today, someone is looking to take away what you have worked hard to earn. They may be a smooth operating con man, or the sweet little lady next door, the corporate big wig, or even a “trusted” attorney. These individuals and groups know what they are doing, and what they want—your money! Schemes and Scams is a fascinating read that will also give you insight and understanding into patterns that are common to illegal financial activities, the most obvious being: If it seems too good to be true—it is! Reading this book will help you protect your money as you learn how to identify and avoid the cons and Ponzi schemes that are an unfortunate part of the world in which we live.

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