Adam Vincent Gilmer is a sought after marketing and branding consultant. Born in Johannesburg South Africa and emigrating to the USA, Adam distributes products through major Network Marketing companies, retail and convenience stores like 7-Eleven, as well as wholesale buying clubs like Costco.



With over 26 years of direct sales experience, Direct to consumer, Convenience Stores, Multi-Level (MLM), Merchandising, product launches, entry into the marketplace, his network can help distribute your products with specialized experts. Adam knows buyers, PR, TV, Infomercial, Social Media Marketing & branding.


Adam has had his fair share of “Up's and Downs”, to advise and help busy Independent Business Owners (IBO’s) understand consumer demand, he conducts several Business Development Workshops (3, 5 & 7 Days). Please contact Adam for 2020 schedule or view Adams calendar under the link "Events".


Adam's Passion is seeing others succeed. He volunteers some of his time working with Drug Rehabilitation programs helping guide teens and younger adults. He understands “The 8020 Rule” and how this leads to 8020365 Thinking.


Adam enjoys his family & outdoor sports: golf, the gym, scuba-diving, snowboarding, mountain biking, beach volleyball, basketball & has his 2nd degree black belt in Chinese kung-fu from the Shaolin Martial Arts Temple.


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