8020365 PODCAST - Episode 19 "Covid 19 changed everything in 2020"

August 07, 2020

8020365 PODCAST - Episode 19

Welcome to "Living Your Life Well Planned" 80 20 365. And today's show, a very special episode. Covid 19 changed everything in 2020. And while you may be sick and tried of Covid 19, its not sick and tired of you. How have things changed and what can you be doing in the middle of this pandemic? Adam has his take and how we should be acting and behaving. Remember, come back every week for a new episode or watch the videos on Adam’s website 8020365.com. And tell the people you love in your life to join the free program with you. It’s simple and easy and life changing for the better.

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Covid 19 changed everything

covid 19 changed everything

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