8020365 PODCAST - Episode 5 "How to Use The 80 20 365 Planner"

February 07, 2020

8020365 PODCAST - Episode 5


On this episode we’ll be dealing with how to use the “80 20 365 Planner” from week 1 through to your first 90 days. You’ll also be introduced to the “7 Habitudes.” This is when things get serious and you’ll understand why the program is called, “Life Well Planned.” 80 20 365 is for people who are saying, “Enough is enough” and are ready for new and better results in their lives. Finally, you’ll also find out why Adam doesn’t just suggest you fill in your daily planner, he “Demands” it. Remember, come back every week for a new episode or watch the videos on Adam’s website 8020365.com. And tell the people you love in your life to join the free program with you. It’s simple and easy and life changing for the better.

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8020365 How to use 8020 rule podcast

8020365 How to use 8020 rule podcast

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