8020365 PODCAST - Episode 7 "Monthly Objectives and Goals"

February 21, 2020

8020365 PODCAST - Episode 7


Welcome to "Life Well Planned" 80 20 365.

On today's show we’ll show you how to determine and set up monthly objectives and goals. In this episode Adam reveals his 3-step plan. 1. Purpose. 2. Planning and 3. Perform. Adam will be guiding you through how to use your “Purpose Statement,” your “5 Year-Bottom Lines” and your “Monthly Bottom Lines.” You’ll learn how to plan your daily activities; Adam will lead you through your “Power Hour” and then how to itemize your 20% high payoff activities. Finally, and this is where you’ll start to see real measurable results, how to, “Score Your Day.” All of this will positively impact you and once the habit is formed in your daily activities, you’ll begin to see how you can live and conquer your hopes and dreams with a specific plan just for you. It’s also just plain fun. Remember, come back every week for a new episode or watch the videos on Adam’s website 8020365.com. And tell the people you love in your life to join the free program with you. It’s simple and easy and life changing for the better.

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Adam Vincent GIlmer Podcast Episode 7 Monthly Goals and Objectives

Monthly goals and objectives with Adam Vincent Gilmer

Video was recorded from a live webcast, please excuse the low video quality.

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